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What is SlicFrac and why should you implement it?Undeniable  Diversion

SlicFrac is a patented technology that selectively diverts the frac to untreated formation, efficiently increasing the stimulated reservoir volume. Perf POD™ plugs are used to effectively block perforations, sealing both round and irregularly shaped holes; making it the ideal solution for new completions and re-frac operations.

The real cost savings comes from combining frac stages, thus eliminating plugs. Each plug run in hole has a cost associated with it; wireline time, fluid to pump the plug down and the cost of the plug itself. Not to mention NPT of other services on location. Imagine reducing these costs by a quarter, a third or even half! Why stop there? In some scenarios, it may be possible to eliminate all the plugs in a wellbore.

See how much you could save...

Where We've Been

Anadarko Basin 464 Wells Appalachian Basin 122 Wells Arkoma Basin 310 Wells Cherokee Basin 19 Wells Denver-Julesburg Basin 65 Wells Fort Worth Basin 13 Wells Greater Green River Basin 74 Wells North Park Basin 7 Wells Palo Duro Basin 8 Wells Permian Basin 500 Wells Piceance Basin 2 Wells Powder River Basin 41 Wells San Juan Basin 6 Well TX-LA-MS Salt Basin 100 Wells Uinta Basin 57 Wells Western Gulf Basin 445 Wells Williston Basin 282 Wells World Wide 2,722 Wells

We've SlicFrac'd 464 Wells in the Anadarko Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 122 Wells in the Appalachian Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 310 Wells in the Arkoma Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 19 Wells in the Cherokee Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 65 Wells in the Denver-Julesburg Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 13 Wells in the Fort Worth Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 74 Wells in the Greater Green River Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 7 Wells in the North Park Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 8 Wells in the Palo Duro Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 500 Wells in the Permian Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 2 Wells in the Piceance Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 41 Wells in the Powder River Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 6 Wells in the San Juan Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 100 Wells in the TX-LA-MS Salt Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 57 Wells in the Uinta Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 445 Wells in the Western Gulf Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 282 Wells in the Williston Basin

We've SlicFrac'd 2,722 Wells World Wide

Perf POD™ plugs Deployed4,503,290

Completed Stages60,556

Plugs Eliminated4,394

Plugless Completions67

Wells Optimized2,716

Unique Operators255+