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Replace Frac Plugs with Perf PODs™

SlicFrac gives operators a versatile, effective, and cost-efficient alternative to bridge plugs in their well completion operations. Our specially designed technology can be used mid-stage to divert frac fluid from dominant fractures to under-stimulated fractures and can assist in boosting the overall well productivity.

The Versatility of Perf PODs™

SlicFrac Perf PODs™ effectively block well perforations and can seal both round and irregularly shaped holes. Operators can use SlicFrac for new completions and recompletions, as mid-stage diversion or complete zonal isolation to increase overall production and improve cluster efficiency. The specialized technology used to develop Perf PODs™ make it one of the most versatile frac diversion materials on the market.

Perf PODs™ vs. Bridge Plugs

Bridge plugs allow an operator to seal or isolate different zones in the wellbore. While a bridge plug will allow the well to be completed in various stages, the time needed to drill out the plug will cost the operator both time and money. Perf PODs™ can accompany bridge plugs in a well completion, but they can also be used to completely replace plugs. SlicFrac provides the opportunity for complete zonal isolation by sealing each individual perforation.

Eliminate Bridge Plugs and Increase Efficiency

With SlicFrac operators can replace bridge plugs in their design to increase overall job productivity and efficiency. By replacing frac plugs with SlicFrac, a well can be fully stimulated through each stage of the wellbore without the completion costs and risks associated with setting and removing plugs. These avoidable costs include on-site personnel, wireline runs, bridge plug materials, and water usage.

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