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SlicFrac Diversion Technology

Efficient Frac Diversion

Thru Tubing Solutions' SlicFrac diversion technology efficiently diverts the stimulation to every cluster within the wellbore, providing maximum reservoir contact. Our patented SlicFrac technology uses a mechanical type diverter called Perf PODs™. When using Perf PODs™, an operator can effectively block perforations; sealing both round and irregularly shaped holes. SlicFrac provides an economical solution for operators beginning a new well completion or refracturing an existing well.

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Operators are saving both time and money while producing a better well. The real savings are generated by eliminating unneccessary equipment and trips downhole. Reduce your costs without drastically changing your frac design by implementing SlicFrac. See how much you can save with our Plug Elimination Calculator...

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SlicFrac has been providing frac diversion and zonal isolation to numerous wells in most major shale plays across the U.S. and various locations around the globe. Our continued growth is a testimony to the value our customers find in this product. If you aren't moving ahead with SlicFrac, then you're falling behind.

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We've been working hard for our customers and posting some great numbers! With SlicFrac Perf PODs™, you can increase your wells cluster efficiency and reduce completion costs.

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SlicFrac Perf PODs™ suit various projects and applications. Contact us today and learn about the solutions available to you and your hydraulic fracturing operation.